Elements of Design - The principles that underpin our work are rooted in an optimistic view of contemporary life. We design buildings through a process exploration and curiosity. Our clients collaborate with us to accelerate progress. From design to development, technology, sustainability, and construction - we strive to create works of beauty and elegance that enhance your environment. Natural light is a fundamental element central to all our work, and is as much a building material as concrete and stone. It is manipulated to shape space, lend spirit, mark the passage of time and presence of the sky, all elements essential to a rich architectural experience. Our obsession with light simultaneously includes an ambition to utilize the immediacy of natural light and to integrate both proven traditional methods and new technologies to harvest it. Sustainability + Technology - The development and application of new materials and technologies are driven by the economic realities of each project. We make intelligent use of the world’s limited natural resources, including those freely available as the sun’s warmth and light, natural breezes for ventilation and cooling, and the integral nature of landscaping and its influence on a site’s micro-climate. Context - Our primary site goal is to create a strong sense of “place,” by enhancing and transforming the existing site in a unique and provocative way. Whether city, country, or the open landscape, we search the context of each project individually for cues that inspire ideas for organisation, scale, and location that provoke a strong dialog with its setting. Space - We focus on clear organisation of public and private spaces, reinforcing it with an emphasis on primary and secondary circulation systems. Special emphasis is given to unique elements of the program by form and placement. Those ideas are refined in the massing and façade composition, rationally integrated structural systems, and using natural light in ways that reinforce a strong sense of order. Presence - Every project has its own unique opportunity for expression. Regardless of the site, program, and budget, our primary goal is to create beautiful buildings. A limited palette of materials is used, with an emphasis on lightness, transparency, and precision.