Core Inspirations: Cosy Cabins

Have you ever had the urge to get away from it all and escape to a cosy cabin somewhere quiet and remote? Treehouses, design cabins, forest huts, glampings – the long-lasting popularity of exciting accommodations is not surprising; many of us want to leave behind the noise of the city from time to time and get closer to nature. As a short primer, here is a taster of 5 of our favourite cabins to inspire your own stay-home retreat.

“[…] in that moment academic ideas where left behind, and the smallest measurements, the shorter distances or the smallest built spaces, become precious as a glass of water in the desert” - Le Corbusier, 1953

Tini Office, by Delvegacanolasso – 22sqm

This small, prefabricated cabin designed by Spanish studio Delavegacanolasso can be ordered online and delivered on the back of a truck. It comes either off-the-shelf ready to use as an office or customised, with the option to connect multiple units together to form a house. Each module is made in 60 days and transported to any location. Each model comes ready-to-use and is fully furnished.

Indigo, by Woonpioniers – 80sqm

Amsterdam studio Woonpioniers created this cabin from prefabricated laminated timber, with the whole structure’s carbon footprint designed to be as small as possible. The front of the house is dominated by large windows, while inside the walls curve upwards right to the roof’s apex.

The prefabricated, bio-based elements, can be installed on location within one day. In these prefabricated elements, the curved connections between wall and roof are moment resistant. Besides these, no other structural walls are necessary, resulting in complete freedom for the interior lay-out.

Pine Nut Cabin, by daab design – 35 sqm

Pine Nut Cabane by daab design is a timber-clad retreat hidden between a pine forest and olive grove in the South of France. The cabin has elevated a simple eco retreat with quality materials and design interventions to create a serene space offering understated luxury.

The cabin is designed as a flexible guest studio or arts space for a multi-generational, international family, celebrating their client’ favourite location on the large rural property through the trinity of light, views and materials

Kavgolovo Guesthouse, by Chvoya – 52 sqm

The main façade overlooks the site and the lake is decorated with a gallery. The back wall is a fence along the border. All the rooms face the plot, except for the kitchen, which is located in the back and is illuminated by a skylight.

The outer surfaces of the bathhouse are covered with old darkened wooden planks, while internal surfaces, including gallery walls, are clad with new light wooden boards. The restrained colour palette of the bathhouse is complemented by an accent metal column in the gallery, painted red.

Polycarbonate cabin, by Alejandro Soffia – 30sqm

Built in 2 months, this polycarbonate Cabin is a small house for rent. The owner lives in the main house on the site and offers the Cabin as a place to stay for visitors. The cabin has a long translucent polycarbonate wall which reflects light, with a timber framed structural system made from pine wood. Guanaqueros, Coquimbo, Coquimbo Region, Chile